Choose the
Perfect Dock

The original dock on wheels offers easy installation and height adjustment.

Classic Dock
A heavy-duty modular system that combines the look of traditional "post and plank" dock with innovative ideas in engineering.

A modular "post and plank" dock system emphasizing easy installation and crisp, clean lines.

Sectional Dock
A simple, economical "post and plank" dock with all-in-one modular sections.

Floating Dock
The solution for deep water and changing water levels. Commercial and residential.

Custom Floating Dock
Floating docks in a wider range of sizes. Unique solutions for commercial and residential applications.


Dock Accessories

Dock Warranty

Hewitt Boat Lifts and Docks

For over 35 years, boat and watercraft owners have trusted the safety and longevity of their investments to Hewitt boat lifts and docks. We are more than confident that you will find the quality, workmanship, and design of all Hewitt products to be the industry's finest.

Design and Construction

The parts you don't see
make the difference in long-term reliability

Overall safety and enjoyment of your dock is the focus of Hewitt Manufacturing. The docks we build are low maintenance and designed to make installation and removal as easy as possible. Both our aluminum and steel frame docks make extensive use of engineered structural components to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Aluminum models use 1/8" plate aluminum along with center supports and crossbars for added strength. Robotic welders ensure consistent, high-quality welds throughout the supporting structure.

Add-on sections and accessories to aid installation and protect your dock are made with the same commitment to quality. The strength of our basic components provides a solid foundation for expansion and gives you the flexibility to create almost any dock layout you can imagine.

Hewitt Hardware
Every connection point is secured with the proper type of hardware. A combination of stainless steel, Durlak coated hardware and brass is used to achieve the required strength and/or corrosion resistance.

Poly Tire
Hewitt docks and accessories equipped with wheels use corrosion resistant polyethylene tires that feature seamless construction and relief venting.

Tank Floats
Floating docks and docks incorporating floats for extra load carrying capacity incorporate heavy-duty EPS foam tanks. The Roto-molded process used to make these floats prevents water absorption by forming a thick-walled seamless casing around the foam. The casing also integrates watertight molding mounts and heavy-duty mounting flanges for maximum reliability.



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