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The original dock on wheels offers easy installation and height adjustment.

Classic Dock
A heavy-duty modular system that combines the look of traditional "post and plank" dock with innovative ideas in engineering.

A modular "post and plank" dock system emphasizing easy installation and crisp, clean lines.

Sectional Dock
A simple, economical "post and plank" dock with all-in-one modular sections.

Floating Dock
The solution for deep water and changing water levels. Commercial and residential.

Custom Floating Dock
Floating docks in a wider range of sizes. Unique solutions for commercial and residential applications.


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Unique design, low weight
modules for easy assembly

Vers-A-Dock sectional dock systems offer many advantages over a traditional post and plank dock. Modular components simplify setup, changes and removal. With smaller, low weight frames and 4' x 4' drop-in deck sections, one person can easily assemble an entire dock. A 4' x 8' frame section weighs just 38 lbs. (54 lbs. with two poles attached). Deck sections are only 36 lbs. each. Vers-A-Dock also features inside post mounts for a smooth side wall with no protruding parts that could damage boats. Create an almost unlimited variety of dock layouts using nothing more than a combination of side clamps, straight and corner pole brackets. Vers-A-Docks require little or no maintenance.

Decking Options
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Design Your Own Dock Layout
4' x 8' sections with two 4' x 4' drop in deck panels per section. 5' and 8' pole lengths. Sections may be connected in any combination.

Diagram showing several dock layouts

Solid Construction
Vers-A-Dock modular frames are made from high-strength double wall aluminum extrusions. Frames are reinforced with a full-length center beam and cross bar. Poles, pole brackets, section clamps and base plates are also made from corrosion resistant aluminum.
Mounting System

A 1/2" wrench is the only tool needed for assembly. The 4' x 8' frames are simply set in the pole brackets, adjusted for height and secured with the turn of a bolt. The 4' sq. deck sections are held firmly in place by the side rails – no fasteners needed. For a streamlined appearance, poles may be cut flush with the deck surface.


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