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Standard Cantilever Lift
The original Hewitt Lift design - simple, economical and proven performance.

Hydraulic Cantilever Lift
The simplicity of the standard Cantilever Lift with the
convenience of hydraulic operation and remote control.

Hi-Lift Vertical Lift
A straight up/down lift suited to deeper water or frequently changing water levels.

Hydraulic Lift Series
Heavy-duty Hydraulic Lifts for any type of watercraft. State-of-the art design with wireless remote control.

PWC Lift
Low-cost Cantilever Lifts specifically designed for personal watercraft and small boats.

Narrow Pontoon Lift
Lifts designed especially for pontoon boats. Supports the entire length of the boat without stressing the pontoons.

BoatPort Floating Lift
The deep water lift solution that works with all types of boats, large and small. Works in combination with floating docks.

EZ-Port Max
You can now easily and safely store two or more Waverunners, Seadoos, or Jet Skis in 5' of water compared to the previous 10' requirement

EZ-Port 3 & 4
EZ Port is a one-piece unit with adjustable rollers making docking and launching a breeze. Rollers are easily adjusted to fit any type of Sea-Doo, Waverunner, or JetSki.

A powered rail system to launch and recover boats. Bring your boat on shore or all the way to your cabin.

Low-weight portable rail system for small boats and PWCs.

The crowning touch for any lift. Great protection and great looks.

Winch Motors
Converts manual winches into easy-to-operate powered systems.

Lift Accessories
Descriptions of options and accessories for added functionality, protection and convenience.



EZ Dock - EZ Port Max

The EZ Port® MAX is the first lift to be Modular for multiple configurations to fit your needs. Adaptable to accommodateverying waterfronts, watercraft and anchoring needs and finally, expandable to allow for in-line tandom porting.


  • A) Patended coupler system to affixPort MAX to existing EZ Dock® dock and connections totraditional fixed or floating docks or freestanding.
  • B) Larger walking surface for easy maneuverability around your PWC for easy launching, retrieval and putting on your canvas cover.
  • C) Patented EZ Dock pylon system for stability and floatation.
  • D) Lower entry-roller for EZ approach and softer entry.
  • E) Adjustable break-over roller protecting the bottom of your PWC from wear and for softer entry onto your port at entry.
  • F) Higher and wider hull "cradle" to accommodate newerwider and heavier personal watercraft.
  • G) Patent-pending side rollers to provide easy roll-on and roll-off of your PWC.
  • H) Full Bow Stop section.
  • I) Small Bow Stop.

Modular, Adaptable and Expandable
EZ Dock has announced a new PWC dock designed to handle more PWCs in less space. You can now easily and safely store two or more Waverunners, Seadoos, or Jet Skis in 5' of water compared to the previous 10' requirement. A new and unique roller configuration provides you the ability to dock the first machine, insert a removable bulkhead, and then dock the next machine “in line”. Due to the advanced roller system you can exit the dock with the first machine and “walk the second machine” to the launch space.

There is no limit to the number of “in line” machines you can store and customers such as the one noted in the picture now have a solution. Also, customers with boats and PWCs in marinas can now fit two or more machines plus their boat!



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