Floating Swim Raft

Hewitt Floating Swim Platform

Always at the center of fun – swimming, diving and sunbathing. This durable 8’ x 8’ platform is solidly built and virtually unsinkable. Weighs 340 lbs. with a 1400 lb. capacity. Custom sizes also available.


Standard Features Include:

• Corrosion resistant all-aluminum frame
• Heavy-duty, foam-filled polyethylene float tanks
• Corner reflectors mounted on all sides for night time visibility and safety
• 8’ x 8’ platform, or choose your own custom size
• 8’ x 8’ platform raft weighs 340 lbs with a 1400 lb capacity

Hewitt Raft


The Hewitt Swim platform is available with an accessory package that includes a ladder with four extruded steps, ladder hinge kit, four corner bumpers and assembly hardware.

Decking Options




Otter Island Swim Raft


Ez Port Max 2I

A floating resort with all the amenities. Kids and adults alike will love taking a mini-vacation on this large 8’ x 10’ water & swim raft. Available in yellow with blue table and seats or beige with green table and seats. Raft weighs 300 lbs. and has a 3000 lb. load capacity.



  • Storage space beneath seat backs

  • Flip-up aluminum ladder for easy storage

  • Non-slip surface

  • Molded handles & rope hitches around entire raft bottom

  • Recessed reflectors on all sides

  • 100% weatherproof polyethylene construction

  • Adjustable seat backs sit up or lay flat

  • Rounded corners & pontoon-style bottom

  • Rounded corners & pontoon-style bottom

  • Pop-up table with beverage holders

    • 8’Wx10’L

    • 3,000 lb Weight Capacity

    • 300 lb Raft Weight

      Three Colors Available

      • Beige Body/Green Accents

      • Yellow Body/Blue Accents

      • Yellow Body/Green Accents

EZ Dock Swim Platform

Ez Port Max 2I

EZ Dock’s easy-to-install, maintenance-free swimming platforms are ideal for both residential and commercial uses. EZ Dock swim platforms for lakes are designed to be slip-resistant. Slip-resistant texture is molded right into the surface, helping to reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents. Grooves in the surface sluice water away, meaning no standing puddles of water when swimming. Our customization options make our floating swim docks perfect for a variety of activities, including:


  • Swimming

  • Scuba Diving

  • Snorkeling

  • Photography and film purposes

  • Wildlife research

  • EZ Dock swim platforms are designed to be safer for bare feet and are designed to last, year after year, with virtually no maintenance. There are no nails popping out, no rotten wood, no chemicals leaking into the water from treated lumber. With EZ Dock products, you get just one thing: durable, high-quality docks which last year after year so you can spend more time swimming while enjoying peace of mind.