Custom Floating Dock

Commercial and residential floating docks for special needs

Custom Floating Docks are available in all-aluminum or galvanized steel. They are designed to meet many of the same application needs as the standard Floating Dock but offer a greater variety of frame sizes to satisfy unique design requirements. Custom dock sections are available in any width x 4’, 8’, 16’, 20’ and 24’ lengths. Custom docks also feature a 2” x 4” or 2” x 5” continuous sidewall instead of an open truss design. The smooth side is favored by some for its streamlined appearance.


Custom dock sections are engineered to provide comparable strength to the standard model and offer the same long-term durability and corrosion resistance. Frames are braced with heavy-duty structural aluminum or galvanized steel. Sections can also be joined with the Floating Dock Hinge to provide flexibility.

Flotation Tanks

Custom Docks use the same high-quality floats as the standard model and can be configured to satisfy any load requirement.