Poly Lift

Poly Lift® boat lifts are the first choice for knowledgeable boat owners. With a stellar reputation and the best warranty in the industry, Poly Lift® sets itself apart as the trusted solution for protecting your watercraft. Our top-notch build, patented designs, and virtually indestructible polyethylene tanks leave the competition behind.


The value of your boat is important to you. Poly Lift® turns your dock into a safe-haven, protecting your investment from the elements and moving around in the slip.


Value-robbing maintenance headaches such as osmotic blistering, drive line corrosion and electrolysis damage are minimized. Your boat hull is also protected from zebra mussels and other marine growth. A Poly LiftTM boat lift eliminates the need for expensive bottom painting.


When it comes to quality, it’s the details that count. All capacity Poly LiftsTM are designed to operate safely and efficiently for years to come. Only the highest quality parts are used, and our industry leading lifts have proven themselves as the top choice in the boating community. Our tanks feature a lifetime warranty.



Customizable to Fit any Dock Configuration
A Poly LiftTM can be customized to fit any hull type, be it v-hull, stepped, pontoon, tritoon, or catamaran.